Care Advice

Palmaira Sandals are designed as summer footwear. They are ideal in warm, dry climates.

We have loved, lived and partied in our Palmaira Sandals and although they are very durable, they are not designed to last forever. As with all leather products over time they will show signs of wear, telling the story of your Palmaira adventures!

To keep your sandals looking fresh avoid contact with water, oils, lotions and body creams.

Please bear in mind that as a natural leather product some variation in colour and texture is to be expected, their own little masterpiece.

Colour-fading over time is to be expected.


We are able to offer a 90 day warranty period on any products deemed to have manufacturing faults. Please contact us for more information.


Glitter Care

Our Glitter Palmairas are intended for occasional wear. Please be aware that some loss of glitter may occur with wear.  We advise against wearing coarse glitter fabric against delicate items of clothing, such as chiffon, as the abrasive finish  may cause snagging. We do not recommend treating with any liquids containing alcohol as this will damage the metallic finish.

Our Children's Glitter Palmairas are 'princessa' sandals and are not recommended as an everyday play shoe due to the more fragile nature of the fabric upper.


Metallic & Neon Leather Care

These leathers which include the Neon Pink, Orange, Yellow, Coral and Leopard, Neon, Silver Leather, Rose Gold, Gunmetal Leather, Antique and Gold Leather are very delicate and prone to scuffing. This is classed as normal wear and tear. The leather can not be cleaned with water or exposed to water as the colour will run.


Cork Wedge Care

Please be aware that our Wedge sandals are not designed to be as hard-wearing as our flat sandals. The cork wedge is a natural and porous material and can be prone to damage.

Nubuck/Suede Care

As with all natural leathers we would advise using a Nubuck/Suede protector to ensure they stay in the best condition possible.

To keep your sandals looking fresh avoid contact with water, oils, lotions and body creams. Substances such as these will cause staining.

Colour-fading over time is to be expected. Please bear in mind that dark or bright colours may have some colour transfer.


For more information and details of returns please visit our terms and condtions