Springtime in Menorca

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The notorious 'tramuntana' winds whipped  up the seas around the coast of Menorca over Easter, but this didn't stop our lot from attempting a spot of skimboarding and shell collecting, whilst trying to avoid stings from the influx of 'medusas' (jelly fish) that were littering the shores.

With not a soul around on the deserted beaches, the kids made the most of their vast private play space.

Sand, Water and plenty of running space seems to be the recipe for happiness for our kids and after weeks of cold in London and a busy school term, they really were in their element.  Menorca always hammers home the importance of simplicity to us, and watching the kids play happily with just a ball or a bucket and spade for hours on end instils a true sense of wellbeing.

As soon as we touch down in Menorca, the slower pace of life seeps directly into our souls and is like a soothing balm to our city-tired brains and bodies.  We can feel our shoulders relax and our thoughts unwind, and it is here that clarity and creativity can really thrive....

 All photos taken by Team Palmaira on location in Menorca.