For our UK, EU & US sizing guide, please follow the link below:

Our standard avarca style flats and peep toe models are true to size and we do not recommend sizing up. If you are in between sizes and have slim to average width feet you may want to size down as the leather upper does give after a few wears.

Our mid height and low wedge styles are narrower than the classic flats and if you have a wider foot you may wish to size up.

The high espadrille wedges are true to size, order your usual size.

The flat slides, gladiators and hikers all run slightly smaller than the avarca flats so you may wish to size up if you are in between sizes or have a wider foot.

The backstrap has been made to a certain ratio and should not slip if you buy the correct size. It has been made with reinforced leather using traditional methods.

The best way to clean your leather, nubuck or suede sandals is with a white muslin cloth, dipped into a little warm water with a small amount of very mild detergent. Be careful not to rub the uppers too much as the colour may fade, also avoid getting them too wet as this could wrinkle the leather and cause water marks on the uppers. 

Do not expose the glitter sandals to water as this may cause the glitter upper to shed.

Take care with the metallic leathers as the foil coating can become damaged once wet, instead wipe with a dry muslin cloth to remove any surface marks. Metallic leathers are very delicate and can be prone to scuffing, this is classed as normal wear and tear.

Some customers do use leather or suede protector sprays or leather cleaner creams but we would always advise checking that they are colour matched or transparent.

The jute espadrille soles can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush dipped into warm water to brush away any surface dust but be careful not to get the soles wet.

Palmaira Sandals are designed as summer footwear. They are ideal in warm, dry climates.

We have loved, lived and partied in our Palmaira Sandals and although they are very durable, they are not designed to last forever. As with all leather products over time they will show signs of wear, telling the story of your Palmaira adventures!

To keep your sandals looking fresh avoid contact with water, oils, lotions and body creams.

Please be aware that our wedge sandals are not designed to be as hard-wearing as our flat sandals. The cork wedge is a natural and porous material and can be prone to damage.

Please bear in mind that as a natural leather product some variation in colour and texture is to be expected, their own little masterpiece. 

Please bear in mind that dark or bright colours may have some colour transfer.

Colour-fading over time is to be expected.

Do not expose glitter sandals to water or chemicals as this will affect the appearance and may result in glitter loss.

Our Glitter Palmaira’s are intended for occasional wear. Please be aware that some loss of glitter may occur with wear.  We advise against wearing coarse glitter fabric against delicate items of clothing, such as chiffon, as the abrasive finish may cause snagging. 

Our Children's Glitter Palmaira’s are 'princessa' sandals and are not recommended as an everyday play shoe due to the more fragile nature of the fabric upper.

We are able to offer a 90 day warranty period on any products deemed to have manufacturing faults. Please contact us for more information.

For more information and details of returns please visit our terms and condtions