A Weekend in June

21.06.2015 Menorca.

The island is buzzing.

Coming in by the boat-load, flights fully booked.  It can mean only one thing, the Fiesta of Sant Joan.

Notorious amongst Balearic party-seekers, it's Menorca's worst kept secret.

The beaches are heaving this weekend as we await the mid-week climax and all the pomada induced mayhem that it will bring.  Space Menorca will realise its busiest weekend and the atmosphere here is palpable.

There is only one thing to do on a weekend like this and that is to take to the water and seek some tranquillity.  The special thing about this island is that for all the people cramming in on-land, we can still find peace on a deserted beach via the sea.

Menorca has more beaches on its tiny circumference than its bigger sibling, Majorca, and many of these beaches remain as nature intended.

This solves our quest for paradise today and lets us wind down and prepare for the fiesta to come.


 And as the sun sets, things just look even more tranquil and beautiful...

After a day of total relaxation, we are Sant Joan ready.... Pomada time now.


The Palmaira Girls