It's In the bag...

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Me and my bag have been together for nearly a year now.

I designed her 2 years ago, then spent the next year sourcing the perfect person to bring her to life, and the perfect combination of soft natural leather and quirky details to ensure that me and my bag would be inseparable once she arrived.

We finally met early in 2015 and have not been apart for very long since.

I have well and truly road-tested this pretty little leather back-pack through 2015. She has accompanied me on every business trip, meeting, family outing, city break, beach holiday... and the list goes on. 

Her assets are plenty, from the comfortable fit of the leopard straps that set off a tanned shoulder through summer, or add detail to black winter tops once the cold sets in, to the security of the concealed zip, which makes her the perfect choice of handbag for inner London tube travel. 

The sleek, uncomplicated shape of her means that she never overshadows or overpowers an outifit, but that she sits quietly and stylishly, complimenting anything. For me, she is my new pared-down evening bag as well as my day-to-day necessity.

I can't live without her.... I like her so much that I've had a few more made... take a look online, trust me, once you meet her, you'll wonder where you ever kept your keys and purse before...


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Palmaira Mini Rucksack featured above, priced at £130.