Menorca With Teens

Menorca With Teens

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Holidaying with teens in Menorca 🌴

As my kids have grown the things we tend to do on holiday in Menorca have really changed. I think particularly having teenage boys, the adrenaline pursuits have increased somewhat, and being the safeguarder that I am, I tend to try the jumps and dives ahead of them.

Cliff jumping in Ciutadella, testing the waters ahead of the kids!

It’s been so important to my husband and I that our kids will still choose to holiday with us as they grow up, this means that we often have their mates join us and the laughs and fun ramp up a bit!

Menorca is predominantly a peaceful and slow-paced place, but if you know where to look there is fun to be had.

My lot love the water so most of our days revolve around the sea, paddle boarding, speed boat hiring, snorkelling and cliff jumping.

Speed boat hire is one of my kids' favourites.

Our top places for these activities tend to be on the Ciutadella side of the island. We think that if you are looking for a livelier resort with lots of activities nearby then Cala en Bosch is probably one of the best bases. You are touching distance to Ciutadella and a short drive or bus ride away from Cala En Blanes, Cala Blanca and Cala en Brut all with great beaches and plenty of bars and restaurants.
Our family favourites are:
🌊 Sa Nacra (Santandria) for lunch followed by a dive into the sea from the restaurant cliffside diving board!!
🏴‍☠️ Pirates cove Chiringuito at Cala En Blanes, cocktails under the palm tree forest on the beach.
🍤 Restaurant Cala Blanca in Cala Blanca for paella or seafood caldereta.
🐠 Cafe Balear in Ciutadella for late night fish tapas before heading to the bars and clubs along the port.
🍸 Yvette In Cala Morell (absolute must visit for chillout drinks as the sunsets) also the snorkelling here is among the best on the island.

Sa Nacra restaurant in Santandria.

Footie on Cale en Blanes beach.


Volleyball tournaments on Cala En Bosch beach last summer.

If you are up for a serious party then make sure you visit one of the local village fiestas, the Sant Joan fiesta in Ciutadella is on the 23-24th of June this year.

Fiesta'ing with the teens in Menorca last year.

Ciutadella has a handful of nightclubs along the port and these really start to get busy after midnight, my sons absolutely love it there… but be prepared for a late night/early morning… they usually get home around 7am (so not much sleep for me 😵‍💫).

Late night clubbing at Jazzbah in Ciutadella.