Boys in Menorcan Sandals Avarcas

My Son's Shoes

My middle child is about to celebrate his sixteenth birthday next week. Sweet sixteen, a landmark age, to me he's been the sweetest child, my easy one, my reliable one, the one I haven't lost sleep over... yet! I'm sure those times are coming, the wave of late teenagehood and all it encompasses will, i hope, be a joyride for him and maybe a more turbulent journey for me. But as a parent, it's what we have to expect and just hope that the guidance we've tried to offer through formative years has somehow stuck in there to help them through. As Ronan Keating famously sang, "life is a rollercoaster, you've just got to ride it!"

Anyway, as I look back on the past sixteen years, I've noticed quite poignantly that one of the constants in all the summer photos are a simple pair of Menorcan sandals. From toddling first steps to gung-ho rock climbing and cliff jumping, the footwear remains the same for my son. Shoes as reliable as he is and as easy going as he is. Shoes that have tracked his journey from baby to adulthood.

teenage boys in Menorcan sandals

My two sons last summer wearing Sandy Tan Menorcan Sandals.


baby boy in menorcan sandals

Learning to walk in Menorcan Sandals.