THE JUGGLING ACT 🤡 Being a mum and running a business is a challenge at times. The fine line between multi-tasking and epic-fail is often drawn in the sand. It can take one extra little thing to tip the balance... and for me this has been the homeschooling. Being completely honest, I think I’m quite useless at it. My time is limited and so my patience can be short. This only leads to one thing... the dreaded mother’s guilt. However, I’ve recently read something written by the lovely @captainandthegypsykid and it has made me look again at what I want my children to gain from lockdown. I’ve changed course with the schoolwork the past two weeks, we do what we can do and what we want to do... an instant pressure release. Instead, we’ve been looking through loads of old photos, we got all of the old recordings of the kids growing up out of the loft. We’ve talked about past adventures, laughed over wobbly first steps and baby language, I’ve cried over how fast the time has passed us by and how my three little people are now three big ones taking up more and more space on the settee. This is what lockdown can be about, a time of reflection, a period of calm to do the things that busy lives don’t always allow us to do. So the homeschooling is on the back burner here, while we take a little time to appreciate what we’ve got and what is important to us. I’d love to hear how you are all coping and how you feel about the work/life/mum/school juggling act!! Hope you are all keeping safe, sane and well, love Tracey ❤️


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