Top 5 Bestsellers

Top 5 Bestsellers

Are you new to Palmaira and looking for the perfect pair to start your collection?

Here´s a list of our top sellers year in year out.. and a word from Tracey and Lisa on which pairs they coudn´t be without!!

1. Sandy Tan

"My all time favourite style, I couldn´t be without these in the warmer weather. If i could take only one pair of shoes in my case when i holiday it would be these." Tracey.


2. Black Leather


Black leather are a great choice for everyday wear. We sell so many of these to people who need a comfy, airy but more-or-less closed toe sandal. A number 1 seller with teachers and hairdressers and people who need an all-leather slip-on sandal that allows the feet to breathe during the warmer weather.


3. Leopard Print


As we always like to think, Leopard Print is a neutral!! Clash it with other prints, wear it with splashes of bright colour or pair with your favourite jeans... you can´t go wrong with a bit of leopard print!!

Leopard Print avarca sandals teamed with a neon colour look divine!!

4. Tan Cork Wedge

Our Tan Nubuck Cork Wedge Avarcas are a great place to start your wedge collection. Every year they are on our top 5 bestseller list... which is proof enough that they make an excellent buy.

The lightweight cork heel offers mid height support which is comfortable enough for lengthy wear. Many of us find a completely flat sandal not supportive enough, so if you are someone who needs a bit of added height, it´s worth checking out our wedge collection linked below:



5. Sienna Lowform Avarcas


"These are my go-to pair for the days when I want a little extra height and bounce. I love wearing these with my workout leggings (even when i´m just doing the school run rather than a yoga class!!). They also look lovely with summer dresses and shorts as they give your legs a cheeky extra couple of inches in length... always a bonus!!" Lisa.