Colourful Crossbody Bags

Colourful Crossbody Bags

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Lauch day for the bags was a stressful affair - when we have so many new products going live at one time, the pressure really is on.  There are so many aspects to putting something new online, from the photos, to the quality checks, the pricing, the marketing.  When we have something completely new it takes time to build that new product into the site, making sure all details are spot on.  I decided to take this particular day off (sorry Lis!!) as it had been my birthday... but the girls worked unbelievably hard in the office, really proving to me that I actually could retire!!!

So the bags went online and they were a hit - when we put something new out, we always feel apprehensive - we just hope that our customers are going to agree with us when we have designed or sourced something that we love. Obviously, things don't always go to plan, we've had our fair share of hiccups, but this new collection of leather bags have been a hit. We will be so excited to increase the colour options available and work on expanding the collection.

We always listen to any feedback we get so if there's something you'd like to see, get in touch and let us know!

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