Girl Gang

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Girl Gang

We were born into a ready made girl gang. Our Mum is one of three sisters, who all loved nothing more than sitting with our Nan, cups of tea in hand, chatting through dramas, laughing over the weeks' events and just being there for each other. Female support is such an important thing, whether this be from family or friends, we all need it in our lives.

Before we lost our Nan last year, she used to love being a part of things here at Palmaira Sandals, she loved looking at all the new styles and colours and would often help look after one of the babies while we were all packing up sandals round our Mum's kitchen table. 

Work is a family affair for us, Nans, Mums, Sisters and Cousins. Together we are strong.



  • sofyakwxvf

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • beverley plews

    What a lovely family, you all look very close. Make the most of your time together. Sorry to hear about your nan, I lost my mum to cancer when she was 54, I was 28 (I’m 49 now) my nan had already passed away. But I’ve got my beautiful 12 year old daughter, and we make a great team. X

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