Low Season in Menorca

Low Season in Menorca

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One of our favourite times of year to be in Menorca is April. If you are lucky with the weather and can escape the winds, an empty and tranquil beach is your reward.

We spent time locally in Es Migjorn and the beach at San Adeodato, with the kids playing beach football and competing in cartwheel competitions!


A must-visit for us is the fishing port of Fornells, on the north coast of the island.

In summer this is our favourite swimming spot, but at this time of year we prefer a long lunch of seafood soup in 'Es Cranc' followed by a lazy walk along the coastline.

Towards the end of our stay here, my youngest child became ill, she was admitted to the hospital in Mahon with a severe kidney infection. My older children had to fly back to London with their grandparents, while my husband and I stayed with our daughter in the hospital.

I have been lucky as a mother, in that there have been very few times that I have experienced the worry of any of my children being this ill. I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of not being in control of my child's wellbeing - the terrible waiting game of hoping that the antiobiotics work, and the mind games that wreak havoc with you. 

The care that she received was excellent, the hospital was spotlessly clean, the food was lovely - as our daughter recovered she kept saying that she liked this 'hotel'!!!

She has made a full recovery now, but it has taken a few weeks for her to get back to her usual energy levels.

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